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College admission is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. All that is needed is to prepare and structure information about your classes, grades, and test results. In addition, you will need to provide extracurricular achievements and awards that will speak for themselves. But for the university to make the final choice, you will need to declare itself too. A personal statement will help you do this.

This is a kind of essay that students write to tell the college admissions committee about themselves. They describe their personality, skills, character, their school and extracurricular activity, explain why they deserve admission to this educational institution. Unlike a “college essay”, “personal statement” is also considered to be an essay for graduate school.

Personal Statement Purpose

Writing a statement, you need to understand what its purpose is, why it is so necessary. Use this opportunity to share your unique experience, qualities, beliefs that cannot be found in academic records. Of course, there are certain templates to write a personal statement, but you can always make changes. Explain to the commission what kind of person you are, what you have already achieved, and what you only want, share your reflection on topics that are important to you.

The college wants to read something that sets you apart from other students. They need someone unique who expresses his or her thoughts clearly and makes an impression.

How To a Choose A Topic For Your Personal Statement

The first issue you will face while writing is how to come up with a topic for your personal statement. You need to think about what really matters to you, what story you can tell. Think also about what the commission wants to hear from you, especially if you are applying for an educational program with a clear mission.

The subject of your personal application should also correlate with your entire application. If you missed a year of study and can explain it, do it. If you traveled and now you can share your experience, share it. The selection committee wants to know more about you, and you should provide it with such an opportunity.

How to Write a Perfect Personal Statement

If you have already decided on a topic, you might think that the worst is over. In fact, it is. If you have something to tell, the statement will start flowing as soon as you come up with a topic. Nevertheless, it’s still better to consider a few tips that will help you make this paper outstanding.

Be yourself

This is not an academic study, which means you can move away from a strict tone, a rigid structure, etc. Of course, some formality should be present on paper, but your main task is to show yourself. Try to record the application on the recorder first, and then rewrite the text. Surprisingly, this will help you keep your voice.

Have a brainstorming session

In order not to forget about some important ideas, you need to allocate a certain amount of time just to think through a topic carefully. Go deep into the memories – what events and people helped you to shape your personality, what are you interested in, what would you do if you lived the life of your dreams. What is your unique experience? Not all of these ideas will come in handy, but some of them will be a great base.

Try more and more

Only a few people manage to write an excellent personal statement the first time. Regularity and practice are important for any purpose, so if you know that such a task awaits you, start practicing in advance. Every day, write articles, blogs, stories, at least a few suggestions. Read examples of personal statements on the Internet, get inspired. After hundreds of drafts, you can write a paper that you will be truly proud of.

Write correctly. 

The admission committee will definitely appreciate it. Even if you make mistakes and inaccuracies in colloquial speech, the statement needs to be edited. Find a balance between formal language and the way you actually speak. Get rid of any spelling or grammar mistakes, do not use adjectives as adverbs and do not start each paragraph with the conjuncture.

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