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Writing an essay is one of the most common and interesting tasks. We are pleased to read some essays in the journal or collection and do not remember others. Some of them become literary monuments. And the matter is not only in the talent of the author. Everything depends on the topic, which you are revealing and for whom you are writing.

There are various types of academic work. The text can have different structures and goals. The choice of a particular genre or method of presentation depends on the goals.

Key features of an essay:

  • A narrow topic that contains a specific problem and encourages to think.
  • Subjective authorial position. The essay differs from the author’s view on the existing problem, his attitude to the world, speech, and thinking.
  • Spoken writing style. Complex wording and sentences that are too long should be avoided. It is necessary not to turn the essay into a substandard text, that is full of slang. Simple and clear sentences will give the right emotional color to the text.
  • Detailed problem analysis. Your own point of view should be argued and based on the factual material.

How To Write A High School Essay?

The essay differs from many other student papers by “freedom of creativity”. Alas, we all know: more freedom means more responsibility. Obtaining this, you have to consider the structure of the future essay. The structure largely depends on the goals, form, type and amount of the work. The essay narration begins with the plot, the essay illustration with one or more abstracts. An essay like “causal analysis” will have to be built in accordance with the laws of logic. And no other way.

The structure can simply be thought out. But it’s better to take a piece of paper and outline a rough plan. The plan is the “skeleton” of the text on which you will subsequently build up the “flesh”. Any text needs a plan; an essay needs it first.

Guidelines for writing an essay

Select the topic and purpose of the text. Your essay should correspond to the title and the topic that you are raising. Excessively detailed descriptions, even artistic ones, can serve you poorly.

Check the amount of work with your teacher and stick to it. Do not think that your zeal will be appreciated if you write a two-volume book on the topic “How did I become a doctor” or “What does higher education mean to me”.

Divide the text into paragraphs, dilute with subheadings, use visual formatting tools. The time to read canvases of the text passed back in the century before last. Your ability to keep a thought in a paragraph on a whole page doesn’t interest anyone. They simply don’t read such a paragraph. Make your text readable. Even if you have one reader.

Do without a long introduction. You write for a prepared and experienced person (probably only the someone who gave you a topic for the task). There is no need to talk about the relevance of the problem, the importance of solving it for a modern person, you do not need to list the goals and objectives of the essay, as you did in the term paper. Get started right away. Do not waste the reader’s time.

Use a graphical editor and spelling checker. Word is a friend to anyone from high school. Indent, highlight the headings, but the line spacing that will make the text readable. Make sure your essay is a pleasure to read. Well, pay attention to spellchecking and punctuation. In terms of punctuation, Word is not always a faithful assistant, and some grammatical mistakes can be made even with automatic verification. Therefore, before you submit an essay, give it to a competent person to read.

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