Top College Essay Ideas Brainstormed by Qualified Academics

All high school graduates have to deal with an assignment to write college essays. This is an essential part of the application for the college or university, which, together with academic qualifications and extracurricular achievements, allows you to form an opinion about the applicant. Based on the quality of the paper, the school administration decides to approve or reject your application.

This means that writing an essay should be approached as responsibly as possible. If you have the same academic qualifications and skills as another candidate, your paper will be evaluated as critically as possible. The first thing you need to do is decide on an essay topic. In doing so, try to avoid the following points.

  • Hot issues. Of course, it is wonderful that you have beliefs and you are ready to defend them. But you don’t know who your reader is, maybe your thoughts will offend him. In your essay, you can mention important values ​​for yourself, but not attack people who do not share them.
  • Topics that focus on other people. Do not write about your idols and inspirers, because then the university administration will want to accept them for study, and not you. Better focus on how exactly your personality was formed under the influence of this person.
  • Information that is already in the application. Remember that an essay is an addition to your application, it should disclose data that you could not mention. Make sure that you are not just listing your successes and achievements, but showing what kind of person you are.

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Top 20 College Essay Ideas 

 Take a look at some essay ideas to get inspired:

  1. Describe the experience when you were preparing for a long time to achieve a goal, but you couldn’t achieve it. What lesson did you manage to learn from this situation?
  2. Was there a situation in your life when you choose between a safe and risky option? Which do you prefer? What would you do now?
  3. How has a work of art changed your life?
  4. Do you agree that an open society needs open borders?
  5. Do you have an addiction to the Internet and social networks?
  6. Imagine that the university has only one place left for the student. Tell me why it should be you.
  7. How do you stand out among your friends? Do you think you complement each other?
  8. How active is your out-of-school life?
  9. Do students have the moral right to cheat on exams? How do you feel about this? Will you tell that your friend cheated?
  10. What are you ready to do for college?
  11. If you were to write your own educational program, what would it be?
  12. Why do you need a higher education? Do your parents have it? 
  13. What will you do if your application is rejected?
  14. Looking back at school years, what advice would you give to novice students?
  15. Which quote is able to best describe your character and mindset?
  16. How does your environment affect your habits?
  17. What event from your biography are you definitely not proud of?
  18. If your pet could speak, what would he tell about you?
  19. Why can your ill-wishers treat you badly?
  20. With a 100% guarantee of admission, which university would you choose? Why?

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